Museum Exhibit: Homo Erectus

"Upright Man"

Physical Description

The upright man was taller than earlier hominids. They were also thin and had thick skulls. Homo Erectus had a large ridge above their eyes, a jaw that stuck out, and a smooth forehead. Though some of these features are different from ours, they were modern human like.

Land Uses and Descriptions

Upright man was found off the southern coast of Asia. This island is called Java Island. One advantage Upright man had was the ability to create fire. They used the fire to cook animal meat such as, red deer, elephant, rhinoceros, goat, boar, and oysters. They used tree branches and posts to create their huts. Homo Erectus built their homes in a circle and had a fire in the middle to keep them warm. They slept on animal skins, and moved place to place. The Upright man was also a tool maker like handy man. He made axes out of stone. All these things help Upright man move to different places and for a longer period of time.

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