Against pests on pest removal of Singapore

The deterioration of the environment make the pests around us become more and more, due to the excessive use of chemical pesticides, their resistance is becoming more and more strong., carpet and clothes, and even in the air you sit the sofa is likely to be in possession of pests, you need to be targeted for pest removal Singapore. Pests are still small, run quickly, you can also use some simple nontoxic manner extermination.You can accord with different pest species extermination, here are some pest extermination way, you can consult.

1. Ants and dust mites

Keep the house clean and tidy, the ant like sugar, sugar sealed cans and food in the house. Cut off the ants living water, use soap and water spraying the surrounding environment.Ants hate cucumber, you can put the cucumber slices in the nests of ants, dried and crushed mint and clove can away the ants. You can mix water and borax and sugar solution, induce and can make ants brought back a poison nest infect other ants.You should use indoors, but to stay away from pets and children.The change of light damage and to prevent ants foraging patterns.Non-toxic pest removal of Singapore's way is to use some scented plants or diatomite out the ants.Tiny dust mites are ubiquitous, beds, clothes, furniture, toys and pets, some people allergic to dust mites, they may therefore have an itch or asthma, and may therefore asphyxia and death.High temperature cleaning items in the home, some laundry products and detergent do not divide might affect effect. Often should clean your toys and clothing. Covering the heating tube can capture tiny dust particles. Dust mites will grow in adequate temperature and humidity.

2. Cockroaches and fleas

Cockroach live in mixed and disorderly dirty environment, clean the kitchen can reduce the living conditions of the cockroach, diatomaceous earth is a safe means of pest removal Singapore, put it on a cockroach congregate can let the cockroaches dehydration and death. Mint cockroaches can drive, and it has a smell of human and pet non-toxic, but has the toxin on the cockroach. Soap water chemicals can also kill cockroaches. Flea usually after your pet or visitors pet into your home, in addition to using flea drugs and pesticides, you could also use some plants for pest control, simple and convenient also very pure and fresh smell. Instant kill fleas, citrus and lime mixture can use mild soap for your pet to take a bath and grooming, reduce the survival conditions of fleas. In pet food added to beer yeast and garlic or apple cider vinegar, had better choose to use pet mattresses cedar as fillers, you can be on the carpet and flea powder on a regular basis for extermination. The flea trap is very cheap and effective, you can buy in the store or pharmacy.

3. The mosquitoes and flies

Early in the morning and in the evening is the most active time of mosquitoes, they live on the rise in the water, you can remove water, frequent replacement of swimming pool and the pet drinking water, keep your flower pot clean and catchment is smooth, the best is non-toxic insect repellent. Citronella candle and soy candles can kill mosquitoes, garlic spray, neem oil, and Calendula is a drive midge effect, can they send out an effective chemical, do not have harmful to human and pets. Mint is a useful pests removal Singapore plants, crushed mint can discourage flies, bay leaf, cloves, and made of eucalyptus are also useful, sachets can safe and nontoxic to fly away.

4. The bug and tiny worms

We have been studying the bug, if the room is the presence of bugs, thorough cleaning and disinfection room needed, you can hire a professional pest control company for your pest removal Singapore -

. You can carry on some simple preventive measures, avoid bug again into your home. Making flooding moth sweet bursa and hung in the corners of the house, put dry lemon slice in wardrobe, which avoids the moths. You can also make some trap, seduce moths and kill them.

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