My Legacy At Allan Drive



Portray MyselfI

I think that i present to society as loud, because i'm always laughing and talking with my friends, and I'm also Italian so that's why I'm loud all the time. I think people also see me as happy because I'm always smiling and having fun.  I think of myself as a funny, outgoing person, I feel this way because I'm talkative, and I make people laugh and smile, also I'm sarcastic and sassy. I also think I'm caring an living because I'm always there for my friends and I don't let other people put them down, for example if someone does or says something mean/rude to my friends I would/will out sass and yell at at the people/person who are rude/mean to my friends. I also care for them, therefore this is how I protray myself.

Different Persona

If I could portray a if different persona it would be not to be quiet, and shy when I meet new people that I don't know. I also want to not be afraid to be myself. I think that I always think about what people think of me. I think this because  whatever I do or say I always get judged for it. It's different from how I usually am because most of the time I'm crazy, loud, lazy, and I'm always give up on things. If I had an alter-ego that is who I would be.. A loud, crazy, lazy,and a person who gives up.

Legacy At Allan Drive

No, I don't think people see me as I wish to be seen. People  see me as loud, lazy, and crazy. They see me as this because that's the way I always act around my friends, and my family. I want people to see me as shy and quiet, because that us what I see myself as. I want my legacy at Allan Drive to be the person that was laughing and smiling all the time with everyone. That is the legacy I want to leave at Allan Drive and the way I want people to see me as.    

Digital Footprint

I think that my legacy is represented within Instagram, it is inspiring because I post pictures of quotes. I post pictures of quotes because some of them are inspiring to me and also to other people too. I'm loving because I post pictures of my family. I post pictures of my family because I want people to see that I'm a loving person. I also think people on Instagram see me as friendly because I love posting pictures of my friends. I think that is how my legacy is represented on Instagram.


I'm sarcastic because it's the way I act all the time. I'm sarcastic to my mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, and to people who are mean/disrespectful to me. I can be sarcastic to teachers my cousins, etc. Everything that comes out of my mouth is basically sarcasm. This is basically why/ how I'm sarcastic.


I think that I am brave because out of all my friends I would have have to be the most brave. I think I'm the brave one because I am the one who takes the most/some risks. I usually stick up for people who are being picked on, especially if they are my friends, or my sister. I'm also not afraid to stand up to people or tell them off. These are just some of the examples of how I'm brave.


I think I'm sassy because it's in my nature. I'm also sassy because I put people in they're places and I shut them up. I give people sass all the time, I give some of my teachers sass too. I give my entire family sass, I even give my friends some sass to sometimes.. I only give people sass if they are either giving me sass, and if they give are rude/mean to either me or my friends and other people, and even for payback and more. These are just some of the examples of how/why I'm sassy.

              My Quote

"Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

I picked this quote because it reminds me of my family and how much they mean to me. Also because no matter how much we get under each others skins we are always there for each other at the end if the day. We are also together a lot and we always laugh at the end of the day about too. And whenever anything happens nobody ever gets left behind or forgotten with anything an exampleis that whenever we have a movie night we all sit together and whatch the movie and we have the entire family watching the movie. Or when we go out to the beach we go with our cousins and the whole family and have fun together. That's why I picked my quote.

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