the story of Brianna scurry

By: Mischa Sikkenga

Her eyes wide open ready to block the ball swoosh dreams
broken but a win for Briana Scurry one of the greatest goalies on team USA.

years of a child

Briana was born 1971 Dayton,Minnesota. When Briana Scurry was young she was the only on in her family that thought about game and sport, and didn't start till the age 11.

traits to society

Brianna Scurry is a very perseverance because she never gives up even if she has trouble she never quits. Lose or win for Brianna Scurry it's a win.

challenges to life

When Brianna Scurry moved to team USA she was the only black person on her team so it was kinda hard for her to get used to.

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