Who Am I..?

Areas Of Interest

  1. dance
  2. draw
  3. read



  1. Listening
  2. asking questions to gain information
  3. leading

primary learning style

Learning Style Test

True Colors Personality Test


  1. problem solving
  2. reasoning
  3. confidence

personality characteristics/traits

  1. problem solver
  2. cool,calm,collected
  3. standard-setter

about Tyeisha Gum....

I enjoy working mainly with information.

My favorite school subject is English/Reading.

My name is Tyeisha Gum and i want to be a choreographer, care doctor, nurse, dancer,or an basketball player. I have 3 brothers, and 1 sister.I like dancing with my sister,and playing basketball with my brothers.When i get older i plan to be successful in life and help others do the same.I look up to my 2 big brothers because they want me to do whats right for me and them.

Another thing about is me that when it comes to school I am very lucrative about my work.Sometimes my family thinks its very bizarre that I like working very independently.I love my family.My family desolates me because they want me to the best, and actually be something in life.

The last thing about me is that I love my mom very much.My mom is a very sage person,she really stays on me about school and mistakes that i make in life.My mom doesn't like it when i forfeit in nothing.

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