World Religions: Christanity, by Cynthia Widner

Started in the 1st century

Jesus is an important part of Christianity. Hes id the saver of sins.

Jesus stated Christianity.

the cross is a symbol of when Jesus die for our sins


There was a virgin named Mary and she had a baby named Jesus.He was the savior for the sins of the sinners.He grow up to be a great teacher and healer.He traveled and told stories and curing all kind of people every where.He gain many follower and thousands flock to see him and hear him.H choose  twelve apostles. To be closes to him and carry on his message.When he was about 36 he had to die on the cross for us. On  the 3rd day after his death he rose from the dead.

He sent his son to die on the cross for our sins.

the holy bible is the sacred book.

one of the symbols of Christianity is a lamb with a cross

the church is a sacred place where they worship god.

One of the important holidays is Christmas.

The religion of the Christianity is when Jesus came to earth. He die on the cross off our sins.He died and three days  rose to let his followers see he was alive.They believe him. They started teaching again.Then they found out that he had to go to heaven. So when he did they was still teaching.

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