Muslim Empire

Out of Mecca, East to India, West across North Africa, and on into Spain.

How it Spread:

Growth: to spread Islam to other people
-Military Conquest: took about 100 years to expand their empire; They were great fighters, i they died in battle they would go directly to heaven (Jihad)
Battle of Tours: (732 AD)
-In Southern France
-The French Christians, under Charles Martel defeated the Muslims and stopped their advances into Europe.

Contributions to our Society:

  • Mathematics: Spread Gupta math ideas; Created Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Medicine: Created hospitals; Wrote Medical textbooks; Doctors required to pass exams to practice medicine.
  • Architecture: Influenced by Byzantine and Indian style.
  • Astronomy: Learned from Greek ideas; Study of the stars: created astronomical ideas.
  • Islamic Law: Based on Islamic religious laws in the Qur'an; Became the basis for political laws in the Empire.
  • Banking: Used money; Allowed credit (money borrowing) to be used

Preservers of Greek and Roman Culture

- Preserved Greek and Roman ideas that they got from their contacts with the Byzantine Empire

- Preserved them

-They improved upon them (i.e. translated Roan writing, etc.)

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