Partner Paragraph
Do you think you know Andrew? First of all his name is Andrew Anderson and he was born here in Grand Island, Nebraska, also his birthday is February 9. Andrew attended Knickerehm Elementary school and his favorite teacher there was Mrs. Myers and the reason she was his favorite teacher was because she was very nice, friendly, helpful, and because she has chinchillas. His favorite subject in school is math. He likes to play video games outside of school. That is everything that has to do with at school school, now time for his at home life.Andrew has 1 brother named Aaron and 1 sister named Chelsea. He doesn’t have any pets. He likes to eat tacos and steak. His favorite color is Blue, his favorite vacation he took was when he went to Des Moines, Iowa. If he could have any job in the world, he would be an electrician. The current book he is reading is NFL: Cleveland Browns. His favorite movie is Cars. His choice of his most favorite piece of technology is an Ipod. His favorite type of music is both kinds….rock and roll. Andrew is proud of that he has gotten a lot of friends. If he could visit any place in the world, he would visit Paris, France so he could see the eiffel tower. And last but not least his favorite sports are football, basketball, and hockey. Now do you think you know more about Andrew.

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