Lesson4 and 5 vocabulary

1. Decisions- choices that you make
2. Consequences - results
3. Risk- the chance of harm or loss
4. Cumulative risk- the addition of one risk factor to another, increasing the chance of harm or loss
5. Values- beliefs you are strongly about that help guide the way you live
6. Goal- something you hope to accomplish
7. Short- term goal- a goal that you plan to accomplish in a short time
8. Long- term goal- a goal that you hope to achieve within a period of months or years
Lesson 4 review
1. The decisions you make have consequences.
2. The questions I would ask myself are ,how does this decision effect me and how does my decision effect the people around me.
3. Values are important because they reflect what is important to you and what you have learned is right or wrong.

Lesson 5 review
2. It's important because you need to have a realistic thing to achieve.
4. Some short term goals for Seth could be ,running more,working on his aim, and practicing the game overall.
6. One personal health gaol could be running more.Some strategies and skills needed for this health goal are, eating healthy,working out ,being a fast runner, and liking to run overall.