Anne Frank Tackk

Sarah Phillips 4

n the story, "The Diary of Anne Frank", Anne talks to Peter because she feels that he knows what she is going through and wants to talk to someone who understands. Anne says. "I used to take it all for granted..and now I've gone crazy with anything to do with nature" (p.951). Anne knows that all of these things that she used to see everyday are so out of reach. While she is sitting there with Peter, Anne realizes that for the first time in a long time she feels like nature is right in front of her. Anne explains," What a lovely, lovely day! Aren't the clouds so beautiful"(p.951). Anne sees the beauty of the clouds and wants to get out of hiding even more now.I chose violets because Anne described that she missed seeing violets in the park. However, violets like many other flowers have better times of beauty than others. A flower can only stay alive for a certain amount of time. Just like the flower, Anne has better times in her life than other times. The hard times of her life can be like when the flower is a bud and growing. The pain and things you learn from that hard time will help make a beautiful life ahead of you just like the flower will be beautiful.

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