Children's Contributions in Ancient Egypt

By: Spence Whitman

Children had many contributions in Ancient Egypt.

Learning About their Parent's Jobs

Most Egyptian boys grew up learning about their father's jobs or occupations so they could one day have that job as well. Some boys learned trade, but most learned how to farm. Upon a father's death, the oldest son became the head of the house.

Many parents placed their sons with master craftsmen who taught them carpentry, pottery making,or other skills.

Boys who wanted to become doctors usually went to work with a doctor after finishing thier basic schooling.

Going To School

Only a small percentage of boys and  girls in Ancient Egypt went to school.

Most of the children that went to school in Ancient Egypt were from upper class families. Kids in upper classes also hunted for leisure.

Few children went to school to become scribes.

Scribes made written records for many people. They also read and wrote letters for the many egyptians that could not read or write.

Training to become a Mother

While the younger boys were learning from their fathers, younger girls were learning how to become a mother.

The mother's trained their daughters how to cook, sew, and other skills.

Males usually got married at the age of 18 to 20. Females usually got married at age of 15 to 18. Egyptians usually got married to other family members.

As you can tell, many different children had many different contributions in Ancint Egypt.

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