Similarity & Transformations

By: Dymesha Thomas

Examples :

  • Transformation-Moving a shape so that it is in a different position , but still have the same size ,area , angles and lines lengths.
  • Rotation- Turning around as on an axis.
  • Dilation-A transformation that enarges or reduces a figure by a scale factor.
  • Translation-A transformation that slides a figure from one position to another without turning.


In the picture above in the triangle you see angles you have to put them with their pair A/d = 10/20, B/E =6/12, C/F = 7/14 Now we got our ordered pairs. Next step is too see if the pairs are equal.

A/D = 10/20 OR 1/2

B/E =6/12 OR 1/2   

C/F = 7/14 OR 1/2

So yes the two figures is similar. The Transformation they used was dilation and Translation.

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