Food Fight - C16

WIK/What I Know

  • No stores were open
  • Tom and Larry were on a canoe
  • Maria's deli will open again next week
  • Tom saw Brock
  • Tom hopes that his mom doesn't have respiratory problems
  • Brock was stuck on Nikki
  • Brock's car broke
  • Water is up to Tom's knees
  • Tom wanted to ask, where Gwen was
  • Jails are functioning without power
  • Tom and Hector are in the forest
  • Hurricane Oskpearl ended 4 days ago
  • Hector likes Gwen
  • Tom had feeling for Gwen

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Tom was talking to Larry
  • Tom hid the canoe behind a bush
  • The clerk  said "No dogs allowed"
  • The clerk let Larry come in
  • Tom talked to Mr. Curtin
  • Mr. Curtin said Tom can come and visit anytime
  • Tom talked to Brock
  • Brock asked about Nikki
  • People were milling outside the store
  • There was a fight going on
  • People are attacking customers for food
  • Tom was talking to a woman
  • The woman, Tom was talking to also robbed food
  • People are head budding each other for food
  • Hector was buying food
  • Tom saved Hector from the attacker
  • Hector thanked Tom
  • Hector said Larry looked cute
  • Hector saw Gwen
  • Hector didn't stop Gwen from leaving
  • Tom and Hector are going to look for Gwen
  • Tom asked Hector about Gwen
  • Tom was thinking about Gwen


Tom Harris : Tom is a really supportive friend.I am saying this because, during the food fight, Hector was about to get attacked, but a great friend like Tom comes and saves his life.

Another characteristic, Tom has is that he is a dependable friend. Tom and Larry are very good friends. Tom is the one, who takes care of Larry. So, Larry won't need to come after Tom asking him for stuff.


I am showing this picture as my snapshot, because after the Hurricane Oskpearl ended the streets have been and the water level is up to Tom's knees. The comparison in this picture is the water level in this picture is up this man's knees.