The Great Hydraulic Bridge!!!

My group and I decided to create a hydraulic bridge for our project.  We found this bridge really interesting and cool since it can accomplish two tasks.  The way it accomplishes its first task is to raise up slowly and carefully allow tall ships to pass through safely.  Another helpful task that this hydraulic bridge can accomplish is, when the bridge lowers.  This is useful to many cars in the need to get to the other side of a river.  For example lets say you were taking a long trip and you wanted to get there as soon as possible.  You decide to pull out your G.P.S and type in the address to were your going.  Its starts telling you that you need to turn right after 500 meters.  Then on your turn it tells you to keep to the right side of the road for another 5 kilometers.  You spend about half an hour driving a 2 kilometer distance with all the traffic, when all of a sudden it unexpectedly tells you that there is a bridge up ahead.  It then reminds you to go slowly since you will have to drive over the drawbridge.  This is the first time you have ever saw a drawbridge and as soon as you pass it you are so thankful that it exists.  After a while of driving you reach your destination and notice that you were 1 hour early.  Now imagine this really happened but there was no drawbridge.   First off you would have to go around the river which is using more gas than you wanted to use and second off you would reach your destination slower without the bridge there.

My group and I chose to use Popsicle sticks throughout most of our project. We chose Popsicle sticks because it would be strong enough to hold everything in place and well as hold everything up neatly.  We agreed that it would be a good idea to use glue in order to keep the Popsicle sticks up since the Popsicle sticks support most of the materials.  We also decided to use the glue for the cardboard pieces and the cubes.  My group and I found that if we were to use two syringes plus some tube we would have an easier way to make the bridge lift up and lower.  We will be using cardboard for the main base of the bridge and another piece for the top part of the bridge as well.  Our last material are some small cubes in the colors blue and green.  These will be found on all the ends of the Popsicle sticks.  

My group and I chose the design of the hydraulic bridge because we found it the most interesting and saw it as a cool project to create and show to the class.  

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