Because of the fact that technology makes everything easier, everyone should have a good digital access.

1. Not everyone has the opportunities that we have when it comes to technology so we have it really easy.

2. Access with technology or digital access is capable of solving all of Earth's problems.


If it weren't for digital commerce we'd be stuck with the stuff we don't like and can never get new things that you do like and never make money.

1. We need digital commerce to get things like food and things for your family.

2. We also need it for money we earn from working.


We need to communicate so we know whats happening between you and people you talk to on the internet just as much as we do in real life.

1. We need digital communication  weather we're talking about how to stay alive or just to see a cool video.

2. I don't even have to tell you what it would be like without it just think of a world without talking when you're not in the same room.


We need digital literacy to teach and learn about technology.

1.We need digital literacy weather you need to know about technology for school because your're a kid, or to teach for school because that's your job.

2.Without digital literacy nobody would know anything about technology so people went through all the work to make these devices for no one to know how to use them.


With digital etiquette we have rules to keep people safe.

1.Digital etiquette is like the digital law but not THAT important.

2.Without digital etiquette lots of people would be cyber bullied more than anyone's been bullied by anyone.


We need digital laws to keep  things balanced.

1.We need the law in general to keep everything OK.

2.Without digital law it would be endless madness.


We need digital rights and responsibilities for freedom to do anything that is legal.

1. We need rights anyway with digital or not.

2.Without them we'd have no freedom on the internet because not all people are the same race.


Digital health and wellness is like digital etiquette but more about safety.

1.Do I really even need to say we need any kind of safety?

2.This is the way to help with a sickness using Google or something.


The way to get protection.

1.Just think of all the public places with security and why they have it.

2.Without it we'd be like that kid who got kidnapped.

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