My Life In Day To Day Steps

To start your day...

1. Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:50

2. After I wake up I go to the restroom and I wash my face, brush my teeth and put my contacts on

3. I then go back into my room and put some make up on, after I do that I style my hair. To do this it usually takes me about 40 to 55 minutes

4. Once I am done I choose my outfit for the day, which is school uniform

5. After that I go into the kitchen and eat a small snack and wait for my sister to be ready. When she is ready we wait for my dad so that he can drop us off at school.

6. I leave my house at about 7:35, and I arrive at school at 7:45

7. Once I am at school I can either wait for my friends, work on assignments, or go help my coach until it is time to go my first period

8. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:54. Through out the day I go to my classes, the classes will depend on which day it is.

9. To start my A days off I would go to US History for first period with Coach Kalinec. On B days I would go to Algebra 2 with Coach Owens.

10. A day second period would be Avid with Mrs. Regas. B day would be Pre-AP Physics with Mr. Taylor.

11. A day third period would be English with Mrs. Kirkpatrick. B day would be Spanish 3 Pre-AP with Mrs. Christon.

12. A day and B day fourth period would be advisory with Ms. Powell

13. A day fifth period would be ceramics with Ms. Hudson. B day would be my training/softball period with Coach Hooper

The classes here at EHS are an hour and thirty minutes long.

14. After school I go home, but on Tuesdays and Fridays I stay for games and help until they are over. The games can be over at any time it just depends on the time that they start .

15. Once I get home I usually eat a small snack, work on homework, and help my mom.

16. After that I go run for about 40 minutes at the junior high track or at any park here in Ennis, and after that I go home and shower.

17. Once I am done showering it is about 6.

18.  At around 6:30 my family eats dinner

19. After we eat we all clean up after ourselves and we wash dishes, and so on.

20. Cleaning up is fast, we're done by 7:15.

21. We then go into the living room or our own rooms and watch our favorite shows which maybe Criminal Minds, Empire, Cold Case, or many Novelas

22. Our favorite shows are usually over by 11, it just depends on which day it is.

I get ready to go to sleep at about 10:40, and I am in bed at 11:00. I fall asleep very quickly.

Those are the steps to follow to live a day out as if it were my life.

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