By: David A. Forquer

One of my favorite collections is Pokémon. I’ve been collecting so long I’ve forgotten when I started. I have an awesome and gigantic collection.


First, you’ll learn about the types of Pokémon. After that, battling. Then about collecting. Last but not least, the others section.


There are seventeen types of Pokémon. They are Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Dragon, Flying, Steel, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, Normal, Bug, Dark, and Rock.


There always is a strategy to battling. Make up your own strategy. Part of your strategy can be type advantage. Some types are weak to others. Like Grass is weak to Fire, Fire is weak to Water.


Collecting is the easiest part of Pokémon. Just go to the store and buy a pack. There are different packs with different amounts of cards. You also can trade.


This section is for………..well………..the other stuff. You can watch the episodes online at Pokemon.com. Just do it!


There you have it. All the info you need and more. Oh, and seriously, go to Pokémon.com. Just do it!!! It’s awesome! You’ll see.

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