Veterinary & Animal Weighing Scales

UMATECH SCALES -Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Veterinary scales & Animal Weighing Scales in Tamilnadu, INDIA. Our Veterinary Weighing Scales includes a wide variety of designs and sizes to meet your specific needs & Suitable for Weighing Purposes like Animal Weighing scales, Livestock Weighing scales, Poultry Weighing scales, Macheri Sheep Weighing scales, Chicken Weighing scales, Goat & Sheep Weighing scales, Cattle Weighing scales, Emu Weighing scales, Cows Weighing scales, Horse Weighing scales, Domestic Animals Weighing Scales, Pets Weighing Scales, dog scales, cat scales, equine scales, exotic animal scales. Our Special Designed Scales includes dog scales, cat scales, equine scales and exotic animal scales, Pomeranian Dog, White Yorkshire Pig, German Shepherd Dog, Thalassery Goats & Lambs, Toyger Cats, Sheep Breeds, All veterinary scales are tested and calibrated and feature a full manufacturer’s warranty.

UmaTECH Scales, Leading Animal & Veterinary Animal Weighing Scales Manufacturer and Suppliers in TIrupur, Tamil Nadi, INDIA.