BY: Rebecca

We all get that feeling that no one understands, that no one has been through the same thing that we had, or will look at something the same way we do. Even if I haven't been in your situation, I will understand, because I have that empathy. To be empathetic, you show the ability to share another person's feelings or emotions as if they were your own. It's important to be empathetic, because you can understand a person better, and let then know you will do whatever to make it better. If people remember you as empathetic, they will more likely go to you when they have a problem, and know that they can always count on you. People out there can be empathetic, like Hilary Swank, who took the time to live in someone else's shoes for an entire day just to see what it was like to live their life. I have also taken the time to life in another persons shows, and started seeing things in many different ways, it really interested me. Being empathetic will be good for when I get older, being able to connect with people can help with many jobs in the future, and give me a good reputation. Connecting with people, or just sitting down and talking, has always been something I love. It's great to look at things from a different perspective. I can share the same feelings as the next person, sometimes there are disadvantages, but that's just what I must cope with, I am empathetic!

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