Dara Wilson, Latrina Cockrell, Kirk Shrum, Taylor Barton,

Hoke Wilcox, LaToya Miley, Susan Fisher

Leadership in Blended Learning

Paradigm Shift is Changing........

In a small school on the South Side of Chicago, 40 children between the ages of five and six sit quietly learning in a classroom. In front of each of them is a computer running software called Reading Eggs. Some are reading a short story, others building sentences with words they are learning. The least advanced are capturing all the upper- and lower-case Bs that fly past in the sky. As they complete each task they move through a cartoon map that shows how far they have progressed in reading and writing. Along the way they collect eggs which they can use to buy objects in the game, such as items to furnish their avatar’s apartment. Now and then a child will be taken aside for scheduled reading periods with one of the two monitoring teachers.

The Economist, June 29th 2013, Education Technology – Catching on at Last

Learning is Personalized

Imagine the possibilities if a student who is struggling in mathematics had a personalized Learner Plan that through contributions from himself, his parents, support staff, and teachers provided a path for learning to address his individual needs. He logs into his school system role-based portal, providing him with a display of the most relevant data about his current math performance including a formative assessment taken earlier in the day. The data show that he has yet to master yesterday’s standards and his teacher, after analysis of the data, has used her connection into the data system’s Learning Marketplace to identify learning activities and resources to automatically populate his Learner Plan. These are immediately accessible for his use and to formulate a plan for his remediation of standards not mastered.

Forsyth County Schools, GA, Grant Narrative, EngageME – P.L.E.A.S.E. (Personalized Learning Experiences Accelerate Standards-based Education)

FCS and Gartner developed and leveraged this planning framework to guide the formulation of the RoadMap

Leadership in Blended Learning
March 26, 2015
Day 1 Agenda

8:30-8:45 | Mindy DiSalvo, GTRI Research

8:45-9:35|Overview and Program Goals


9:35-10:25 | Introduction to Online Learning: Pre-Learning


10:25-10:40 | Break
10:40-11:10 | Fulton’s Direction
11:10-12:00 | Defining Blended Learning


12:00-1:00 | Lunch & Networking

1:00-1:10| Pecha Flickr


1:10-1:45|Deep Dive-Fulton County’s Readiness Rubric
1:45-2:20 | Exemplars of Blended Learning Models

2:20-3:20 | Setting a Vision

3:20-3:50| Creating a Path for Blended Learning



3:50-3:55 | Socrative


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3:55-4:00 | Wrap Up & Pre-Learning for Session 2

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Leadership in Blended Learning
May 04, 2015
Session 2 Agenda

8:30-9:30| Welcome/Team Building Activities




9:30-10:40| Defining School Culture


10:40-11:00| Break

11:00-12:00| Odyssey Station Lesson Plan Videos/Road Map

12:00-1:15| Lunch-On Your Own

1:15-2:45| How to Shift Culture in a Blended Learning Transition

2:45-4:00| Plearning-Explore on Your Own



Google Tips and Tricks


Leadership in Blended Learning
September 17, 2015
Session 3 Agenda

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Leadership in Blended Learning
October 15, 2015
Session 4 Agenda

Welcome LBL Team

10:00| Opening and Mindset


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