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Ridiculously Simple Why Shopping Sherlock? Browsing Sherlock, previously My Procuring Genie, provides an internet app that works with all significant serps to “cut through the clutter” over the internet and support customers find the finest offers. Buying Sherlock places the client initial by enabling them to handle search engine success to discover the most beneficial amount, as opposed to the top search results. The Shopping Sherlock app doesn’t accumulate, save or transmit data about customers, their personal computers, research habits, e-mail addresses, or just about anything else. The corporate certifies which the Procuring Sherlock App doesn’t incorporate adware, spy ware, malware, or nearly anything else which will interfere with privacy or the operation of the user’s computer system. The app only appears for the video display when a person opens and employs a serious online search engine. Firm Aims Buying Sherlock is owned by Greatest In U, Inc. Greatest In U, Inc. has a corporate mission to “be a leader in lead to integration and established an illustration equally in the Networking Market and for corporations world-wide.le Creation + Sharing

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I saved over $650.00 on a refrigerator that I HAD to buy. The great thing about this is… The store is 2 miles from my house, they were going to charge me a $50.00 delivery fee. I got the same fridge from 1,700 miles away with no shipping fee and no tax. Who wouldn’t be excited with those savings???

Eric Hills
United States

I have just saved an amazing £21 using the Shopping Sherlock Daily Deals feature. I was looking for a photo book and it cost me £9 instead of the standard price of £30 directly from the companies website! I love the Shopping Sherlock!

Derek Semple
United Kindgom

I just thought I would let you know about a deal I have just purchased using the Shopping Sherlock – Adam my eldest son is growing fast and wants a new bed – So, I looked on the Shopping Sherlock Daily Deals and one came up today – “Double Divan £699 bed for only £129″ – £129 sounds great to me – WOW the SHERLOCK rocks – £570 saving from their main site to what I actually purchased it for. That is a saving of more than the whole Shopping Sherlock business has cost me for over 2 YEARS, in monthly subscriptions.

A tip for people don’t just search your city on the app – also search national deals tab – lots of great deals!

Alan Platt
United Kingdoms

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