My Ideal Saturday

Meeting The All Blacks Rugby Team!!

Guest what! Today when my family and I went to check in to our hotel- SKYCITY Grand Hotel Auckland, as I turned, I bumped into the All Blacks rugby team. It was exciting. My words didn't come out of my mouth, I was so devastated and surprised that I!! Just bumped into the All Blacks. I met Richie MC Caw and Dan Carter. I also met Israel Dagg. It was like, I couldn't breath any more. Like I had died from a cold soul and now am living again. But, I thought this was all a dream, I told my sister to pinch me, but, it wasn't a dream. I got there autographs and we were invited for dinner because they had disguises on but, we knew it was the All Blacks, I big fan like me of the All Blacks can of course tell straight away that is them. Time for dinner, it was insane. Everyone was running around like maniacs and idiots trying to find and decide what to wear. Arguments, who's costume- clothes will look the best at dinner with them. We had dinner, we took so many pictures that we bought about 6 camera's. It was the best time all of us had ever had. I will never forgot this and will always stay as a memory and how my dreams came to life.

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