Emile (David) Durkheim

Bri Hoodlebrink, Tim Dennis, Alysa Rice - Period 2  


*Born August 15, 1858

*A French Sociologist, Social Psychologist, and Philosopher

*Died November 15, 1917

*Emile was born in France and died in France

*Father of Sociology

*Teacher of Sociology at the University of Bordeaux and Paris

Time Period and Other Things Going On

*Born August 15, 1858

*In 1882 he graduated with a Psychology degree

*In 1885 he left Germany and studied Sociology for two years

*In 1887 he married Louise Dreyfus, and later had two children

*In 1896 he set aside his work on Socialism and devoted his time establishing journalistic collaboration

*Died November 15, 1917

Major Contributions

*Major works were the start of the development of Sociology

*Some of his major works included....

(I) Le Suicide (The Suicide)- 1897

(II) De La Division du Travill Sociale (The Social Division of Labour)- 1893

(III) Les Forms Elementaries de La-yie Religiouse (The Elementary Forms of Religious Life)- 1912

(IV) Education at Sociology (Education and Sociology)- 1922

Interesting Facts

*He spent his early years in rabbinical school

*He passed the entrance exams of Ecole Normale Superieur after his third attempt

*He is the founder of the first European University department of Sociology

*He enjoyed teaching very much




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