Tools for trade
Sebastian Goyco

The five tools of trade are Edmodo, Remind,, Tackk and the IB Design Cycle.  

Starting with Edmodo. this is a learning site where you can chat with teachers and other students about the school, questions about the assignment and students can help each other with work. The benefits are that if you are at home and you forgot to ask your teacher a question you can get on edmodo and ask, without having to stress about not getting the homework done. This a video tutorial on how to use edmodo ->

Remind is a place for teacher to get in contact with students through via cell phone and or email.This is a good tool for teachers to send assignments and reminders about school work, tests, exams, due dates and upcoming events. You use it by getting all of the students phone numbers and making a message and it sends it to all of the students. Here is a video tutorial on how to use remind -> is a place were you can make $ by creating info graphs  about a certain subject. It is a free website all you need to do is create an account. The benefits of this website is that you can make graphs about anything you want and share it. This is a tutorial on how to use ->

Tackk is a website kind of like but instead you can put videos and pictures. Also you can use it for a flyer or something to promote what ever they want. This is a really good tool because you can create items. How you use it is you bring pictures, videos or graphs and there is a tool bar where you can upload them and put in the blog. Here is a tutorial ->

The design cycle is a way that you can make projects or assignments follow a step plan so that whatever you are looking forward to creating comes out the way you want it to.

Investigate- This is the step where you do some research on the topic that you want to do and use your background knowledge to the best of your abilities to start planning what do you want project to look like and also how will the information will be organized.

Plan- This is the step where you use your research and start planning what type of presentation do you want to use for your project and how do you want to have the information organized. Also this is where you start doing the rough draft for the project and make corrections to your plan.

Create- This is the step where you actually get to crate and do your project. For this step you will use your research and also the rough draft from the planning section so that you can actually get to create the project and present it to the class.  

Evaluate- This is the finial step and the step where you can reflect and evaluate what you did wrong to your project. This involves the amount of time that you  spent on each phase and check if you missed some parts or just completely skipped a step on accident. This is the step where you can learn from your mistakes and fix them so that you know what to on the next time that you use the design cycle.

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