Desiree Severance: My Story

Ever since I was a little girl, my life has always revolved around 3 things: family, sports, and education. I grew up living with both of my parents and two younger sisters. Although growing up in a Catholic family, my parents gave me the choice to choose whether or not I would enter into the Catholic faith. I decided to be baptized the same age of my mother (16) and be later entered into the community through Eucharist and Confirmation later that year. I grew up in a very family-oriented home and have good relationships with everyone in my family. Also, I have been playing softball just about my entire life, and I will continue to play it in college. The softball team here at Mitty particularly shaped me into who I am today. When I came to this school and this team, I had the opportunity to recreate myself and set goals in regards to what I want to accomplish, and so far, I've been very successful. Not to mention, the best friends I have ever had have come out of the Mitty softball program. I did not attend private school until Mitty, and I couldn't have chosen a better path for myself, because now I REALLY appreciate private school and the people I am around everyday. In regards to the future, my feelings towards it are melancholy. I am scared about going across the country to Philadelphia for college and being away from my family and those I love for months at a time. But on the other hand, I am excited about what my future holds for me and I can't wait to start living life on my own and creating the ending to my story. One thing that I like about myself is that I am resilient and dedicated to the things I am involved in and people I am involved with. The one thing I do not like about myself is my anxiety and how sometimes it holds me back from reaching my full potential in many different aspects of my life. The ending of my story will be what I make of it, and hopefully it will end with a career in Biology in the paramedic field and with a family of my own in a economically and emotionally sound home.

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