Reading journal 3/30/14

I read Wiley and gramps adventure

What happen was that it was Christmas.Wiley and his friends were eating together when the launch lady yelled. Then she said she saw a monster at the refrigerator. When Wiley go to investigate it was only a living eggnog.

This book is pretty funny and I love the drawings there are excellent.From this book I have learn how to write expression better and make good comics. What I have learn from what I've read is how to use expressions specially from like when you are scary. I will which that the library could have more of this books.I think that Wiley and his gramps will find a way to destroy the monster like when they destroy Dracula and monster fish.

Some recommendations are that the author could make this books, because they are pretty interesting but to short. I will say three times the time they are now. This one of my favorite books beside diary of a wimpy kid, Harry Potter and the Spiderwick chronicles.