Transferring henergy and transforming it cx  

by : me Dalanglang Sanchez cx

this is Mrs. G Chen !!

  • Mechanical - Kinetic *
  • Radiation - Kinetic *
  • Sound - Kinetic *
  • Gravitational - Potential *
  • Chemical - Kinetic
  • Heat - Kinetic
  • Electrical - Kinetic
  • Nuclear - Potential

Basic type of energy xD !!!

Potential Energy x)

Is stored energy .. it is energy that is waiting. Like when u stand on top of something with a mass..

Kinetic Energy xD .. with dalanglang

Kinetic Energy is energy of motion cx The fat mans stomach is moving back in forth x'D

Work cx!! #boring #school #nolife

Force * Distance

Work : is force * distance cx so the people on the choo choo train are going at x amount of force and x amount of distance.

DA LAWW!!! #obey #bruhh


Mrs. Waldrip when u dont understand things #judgejudy

Transferring nd Transforming henergy

Transferring: is when u move from one to another but everything stays the same.

Transforming: is when u take the transferring energy but change it.

Mrs . G Chen in real life ☻ ↓

In a battery the chemical energy turns into electrical energy C: it it why every thing turns on ^^

"In a wind turbine, mechanical energy of wind is turned into mechanical energy of the turbine which is attached to a generator where the mechanical energy is turned into electrical energy". Again why everything turns on c;

When we turn on the television we transform electrical energy into sound light and heat energy. To turn it on we have to have the electrical energy ↑.

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