Facebook Pushing to Download Messenger App

People worldwide are using smartphones now, reason for the same is ease of access and availability of endless useful features in their pocket. One of the largest usage of mobile devices include checking out social networks and chatting with loved ones.

Facebook a giant in both domains came into controversies these days for pushing users to download their messenger app. In order to improve the performance of Facebook app over mobile devices they have removed the messaging option in their latest app update.

In above image you can see there is no option of FB chat other than the messenger sign. Taping on the icon takes you to messenger app, if you have the app installed on your device, else it opts to install FB messenger on your phone.

Sure, FB messenger offers a great interface and every feature you need while chatting with FB friends but there are good number of people worldwide who do not wish to have messenger app installed on their devices. They wish to check their messages occasionally from Facebook app itself.

With messaging feature removed from Facebook app these user are pushed to install FB messenger.

There are two prospective for removal of messaging feature from the Facebook app. First, Facebook is making mobile app development effort to improve browsing experience for users. Second, they wish to increase user base of their messenger app.


Facebook in their latest update have removed feature of FB chat from the app itself, they are directing user to separate FB messenger app. Those who do not have the app installed on their device are opted to install it.

The move have generated great number of downloads of FB messenger, while many users are preferring to use other messaging service already available over their mobile phone.
There are different prospective on this move from Facebook but looks like they are working on improving user experience on mobile device by offering separate apps for getting social.

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