Apollo, a Hydra, and Some Other Stuff
By: Guy Yegudin 5/20/14

What is Mythology?!

A: Mythology is a collection of myths, which are usually connected with religious beliefs.

Who is Apollo?

Apollo's role in Greek mythology is to drive his fiery chariot (The Sun) across the sky. Apollo is an amazing archer and is known to lay the lyre, he also invented the lute. Apollo is a very important god, he controls the sun, he is the god of music, prophecy, and healing. His symbols are the bow and arrow, lyre, raven, and sun. Apollo was responsible for the fall of the great warrior Achilles. He was also the best fighter out of everyone that sieged Troy, during the Trojan War.

Apollo-the god of light and the music.

The Hydra

The Hydra is a huge, green, 9-headed serpent. The Hydra has an ability to grow back two heads for every head that got chopped-off. The Hydra was finally defeated by Hercules, when his servant burned the studs of the chopped-off heads.

The Hydra...

Hermes and Apollo Myth

Hermes was running around some fields, and then he saw Apollos cows. So he led the cows away (Nice way of saying stole). Then he got hungry, so he slaughtered one of them. Then he found a tortoise shell , which he made into a lyre- Apollo's favorite instrument. Eventually, Apollo found Hermes and he was enraged. Apollo was about to kill Hermes, but then Zeus intervened. Zeus told Hermes to give Apollo the lyre as an apology.

Modern Day Connections

A cereal company is named after the Roman goddess of grain, named Ceres.

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