Our Family Vacation

By: Ashley Hall

Every year around July, my family and
I go on vacation. Last year’s was the best yet! We started out early in the
morning and drove 12 hours to… NEW YORK!!! We rode in our van so there would be
lots of room. My aunt, Mikayla, got to drive first all the way to Indianapolis.
I charged my camera the morning before so I could take tons of pictures. We
FINALLY arrived there and stayed in a Holiday Inn Hotel. It was really cool! It
was kind of late when we got there so Mikayla and I ate dinner and went
swimming. We went to bed and the next morning, we went to a marine zoo right by
the Ocean. It had an awesome view! I got about 5 souveniers there. Afterwards,
we went to a trained seal show and (of course)
I had my camera out the whole time. Since my whole family went, we had
to get there early so we could all sit together. (My favorite fish-friend was
the Arabian Seahorse named Bubbles.) Next we saw a 4-D movie about “Happy
Feet.” The best part was going on a boardwalk alongside the Ocean. We saw
cruise ships sailing away in the distance. “One more day” I thought. “I want to
stay forever!” We drove through the city to get to our hotel. I walked into the
room and flopped on the bed while my Grandpa called room service. We went to a
new restaurant that’s ONLY on the east coast and was SOOOO juicy! (It’s name
was Friendly’s.) We went on the outskirts of New York City (which was basically
all mountains and trees) and went the long way to The Statue Of Liberty. The
morning mist and fog was so pretty in the scenic background. There were all
sorts of loopy roads that gave you a funny feeling when you turned on them. My
camera didn’t capture much in the fog which drove me insane. Last we drove up a
gigantic mountain that didn’t even have a name. When we got to the top, I ran out
of the van and to the edge of the mountain where I saw a very brilliant view of
trees, mountains, and New York City itself. New York City looked like a big
circle of buildings surrounded by a jungle. Luckily, Mikayla had her camera
that worked really well in fog. Now my whole wall is almost covered with
pictures from just New York. My whole family had fun there and were sad to
leave, but on the way back to Indiana, we stopped at Hershey, Pennsylvania at
the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Then, our vacation was over and it was off to
Indiana with us, which is really depressing for me because there’s nothing more
than corn in Indiana.

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