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All Christians go to church and most do not even like it.

Being Jewish, I grew up hearing many different views on temple and if going to temple was necessary or not. Being a reform Jewish person, temple was not a part of my life growing up, and I was always okay with that. A belief that I acquired after years of hearing my Christian friends talking about church, was that all Christians go to church. While I was always aware that not all Christians liked church, I have always been convinced that all Christians at least go to church. Which, to me, never really made sense because they were spending a lot of time in a building on Sunday, basically miserable. While I know many Jewish people who do not go to temple (it is very expensive), I did not know any Christians that did not attend church at least every once in a while. To test this belief I interviewed three people. One person was my roommate. She is Lutheran and goes to church every Sunday (even while at school). I interviewed her to ask about why she goes to church. Mostly I wanted to see if she went to church because she felt she had to, if she felt it was her duty as a Christian, or if she truly loved it. I was surprised to find out that she goes because she actually loves it and it makes her feel ready for the week to come. So her views disagree with mine. The second person I interviewed was my neighbor on my floor. He goes to church when he is home with his family, but does not feel it is necessary to go while at school. I found his views interesting. He felt that church was a tradition that he liked following, however, he doesn't feel that it really impacts his life the same way it does for others. He often finds his eyes wandering at church and doesn't love that he has to go when he is home. So his views agreed with my thoughts. The third and last person I interviewed was my nursing teacher. My teacher has made mention a few times in class that spirituality is very important to her, and her career, so I figured she would be a good person to speak with. Her response was actually quite different, however. When I asked how many times she found herself at church in a month she responded, "maybe once, if I have time." This answer was quickly followed by, "but I am there for the holidays!" When asked if she liked church she responded, "Yes, however, I feel as though I can pray anywhere and being in a sacred place, while nice, is not necessary in my life." So, she agreed with my views. After all three interviews I definitely feel differently about my views. It makes me feel good that not all Christians go to church (more relateable for me), and I feel I have a better understanding to back up the beliefs that I have acquired over the years. I do not feel my views have changed, however, I am glad that I challenged myself and found out some new things about how Christians view church.

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