Learning on Water Academy

"Learning on Water Academy"

We would have a tiki type huts with classrooms and dorms. It would go along the beaches of the Turks and Caicos. We would teach math, science, sports, water boarding, E.L.A., and art. The students would be college students starting at age 18. There would be teachers who learned everything in America but came to Turks and Caicos to teach. 9:00 or 9:15.It is not one school, it is several large huts. The schools mission is to make learning fun and enjoyable, just the way the students want it to be. The school would be called “Learning on Water Academy. The school would use modern technology for all subjects. iPads, Laptops ect. We would solve problems by giving the students detention and extra work. They’d be motivated to work because if they do really good they can get out early. The would be a 0 to 100 grading system. We would have a test every week testing them on everything they learned.

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