By Ben Collins

History of Luge

Luge was invented by a hotel entrepreneur named Caspar Budrutt

In 1955 Luge was first played in the olympics

Luge was first invented when kids were sledding down roads are running into to many cars.

Caspar decided to make a course for them to sled down and ended up being called the luge.

Luge equipment

Luge uses a sled with two footrests on the front for steering

Luger's wear helmets to protect them from crashes

They also wear compression clothing to make them travel faster


Sleds can hold up to one or two people.

The sleds can reach 80 mph on the track

There is an event for male and female Luger's

Risk of luge

  • Risk of luge is getting bumps, bruises, broken bones, concussions
  • a luger must have strong neck, upper body, abdominal, and thigh muscles
  • lugers spend time training all year round to become the best
  • There are 4 events of luge
    • Men’s singles
    • Doubles (mixed event)
    • Women’s singles
    • Team relay


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