The Limitless Government

On April 13th, 1743 i was born into this crazy thing you call a world.I lived in Albemarle County Virginia were i inherited a large estate from my father. My mother and father had 10 children, i was the Third born.At a young age i took control of things, much like i have now. In school i wonted to do something great in life little did i know i was gonna do all this. As a kid i depended on books for everything. By reading all the time I knew i wanted to write something great and thats what i did.

After doing somethings in school and working for a job, I married my beautiful wife, Martha. We had a lot in common, from how much we loved reading to music.For the ten years we were together-before she died at age 33 of illness and so many births- we had six beautiful kids.That was one of worst days of my life.

Before my time as a president-third to be exact- I was a delegate. During that time I met my friend, well kind of friend, John Adams. We both wanted to great things in life, so we did. John went on to became the second president while i went to other things in my life. When I die I want only three thing on tomb; author of the Declaration of American Independence, author of Virginia State Religious Freedom and Father of the University of Virginia.When president Adams died, it was turn to show the states what I could do. President Washington was the first president, no one can be better than him. He was a great man.

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