letter or recommendation

To whom this may concern

my dear friend Gissele. She is a close and a very succesful student at el dorado 9th grade acedemy. She is hard working, and wull stop till she achiever her goal.

She is qualified becuase she contains what is needed ti he succesful. She bringd great ckmmunication skills to the table , and also years of volunteer work to master her skills. She has asked me to write a letter for you becuase i pay very close attention to her actions , giving her advice on how to achieve that goal.

Gissele can not only bring many things to the table but also learns mistakes thus creating a leading environment for CEO of apple inc. For CEO of this major corporation they must not only manage time to commute to the company but being able to do hard work and effort to exceed expectations and help others.

I highly recommend Gissele to obtain this position  She is more than capable , than any other people applying . She has unique attributes that will contribute greatly to this company . And exceed there expectations.