by rowan


Welcome to Squid world. In this essay you will learn many facts about Squid’s. Did you know that a giant Squids eye can be as big as a humans head? People would love to capture a Squid to study it. But any space besides the ocean is too small for the Squid. Plus… giant squids can eat a lot, even small sharks. These are two reasons why I don’t want Squids to be in the zoo. I’m also going to tell you about Squids behaviors and their predators.

natural habitat

A squid likes to live in the crushing pressure of the deep, dark ocean. and… if the squid were in a zoo no one would be able to see it! And the tank would have to be huge!They prefer to live in colder places. Also, squids live in underwater caves that they fortify and decorate. For example… they place rock around the entrance to stop big predators from getting in. All in all it is almost impossible to build a habitat like the squid. On the other hand, squids are used to the defensive abilities. But if there were predators they might be eaten.

A Squid’s Predators

Did you know that many millions of pounds are eaten by humans yearly? Humans are squid’s worst predator but there are many others. Many Squid beaks have been found in the stomach of Sperm Whales. The type of predators depends on the temperature of the water.So if the water was cold in the zoo, the Squid might think there were predators. So if there were predators, the Squid might be eaten and if there were not predators the Squid might be bored.

How Do Squid’s Get Their Food?

A Squid mainly eats fish, crab, and shrimp. They use their tentacles to drag prey into its beak. The offspring protects themselves right when they are born. They eat plankton when they are little. Plankton is little tiny fish. If they eat the wrong kind of plankton they could get sick or die. Squids quietly stalk prey and then jump on them.The beakhelps tear prey into pieces they can chew.Therefor, Squids need to use their hunting instincts, not just find food on the ground.


Well… now you know the many things about Squids! The predators, the food, the natural habitat. Squids should not be in the zoo! They even decorate their home! There home would have to be so elaborate, it could cost as much as $100,000. Ready to take a dive anyone?

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