Dogs are more commonly known as household dogs but some habitats are in the wild.

Dingoes are a terrestrial animal, the dangers of being in a terrestrial environment are if you were a wild dog (Dingoes) you would have a big chance of getting attacked or getting shot by a farmer and if they got hurt there would most likely not to be someone near the hurt wild dog to care for them.


  The process of fertilizing includes three stages; sperm penetrate into the
layer of follicle, clear tape and lecithymen of ovum, and at last, enter into the
 Before fertilizing, a great deal of sperms un devolped egg cell, and the
sperm perforation release hyaluronidase(a enzyme that helps break down) to dissolve the corona of ovum so sperm
can penetrate clear tape. Ovum doesn't select sperm but find sperm actively.
When penetrating into layer of follicle, the acrosome of sperm begins to expand and
relying on secreting zonallysin(the nature of a zone ), the sperm can penetrate into clear tape.
Ordinarily, tens of sperms can penetrate into the gap within the clear tape but
only one or several sperms can enter into lecithymen and the ovum is more
selective to sperm, new sperms are prevented to enter the yolk.
This defense mechanism(an assembly of moving parts performing a complete functional motion, often being part of a large machine; linkage.) to prevent more than one sperm enter into yolk is called
vitelline block.When sperm enters into yolk, it forms male pronucleus and ovum
forms female pronucleus. They move to each other and combine to form zygocyte.

Dogs reproduce by cross-fertilisation also known as sexually.

dogs use Internal fertilisation.

Female dogs release numerous gametes per ovary.

some advantages for dogs fertilisation are:

-The Embryo will be safe in mothers body.
-The Embryo will get substance and nutrients from the mother and can grow well.


The location of the embryo in the dog is the uterus.It is internal because its inside the mother. There are lots of types of environments that dogs live in such as buildings and houses people would pose a treat if a dog laid eggs. so the puppies are safer inside the bitch. The length of a dogs gestation is 58–65 days, Average 61 days witch is around about 9 weeks.Dogs have internal pregnancies like humans. Therefore, the puppies will be protected from any dangers in the world but developing in the mother means less offspring can be produced

Parental care

Dogs have a high level of parental care. A female dog who has had both ovaries and uterus removed from their bodies, is not capable of producing offspring. the mortality rate for domestic dogs would be around about 5-6 dogs getting reproduced but only one or sometimes even none survive.Dogs have such high parental care because their parenting style is k-selection witch means that their are few animals getting produced in the offspring but their bigger and live for longer. Dogs care for their young dogs so much because there are few of them. Advantages to this strategy are that they can look after the little ones a lot because there aren't many that survive so they will be more healthy and more chanes that it will live longer.

Interesting information

Dogs were first domesticated from wolves at least 17,000 years ago.

Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations.



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