by: Olivia T.

What is so cool about acting and Broadway.

what is Broadway?

Broadway is a place where the best of the best act at like for an example Kristin Chenoweth and Idina  Menzel acted on Broadway  from  the musical wicked. Broadway a nice clean and wonderful place. Its small but can fit a lot of people in it. Tickets can go around 300-500 dollars its depending on the seats.

how to get on Broadway?

If you want to get on Broadway you have to audition and hopefully you will get a call or email or a call back. what is a call  back? A call back is where the director calls you and would say come back and addition again. No worries its usually not a bad thing its could be that the want you to do that role in the musical or play.

what is the difference between a musical or a play

Many people can get confused between musicals and play. A musical is a  play but they sing most of the time and not speck. A play is no singing its only specking. In my option a musical is better but that's my option. I have been lucky enough to be in both and see both. There could be other differences like who is in it or if there's a lot of music or if there is very little music.   

thanks for reading

hope this made you have an opinion on which one is better. The one I think is better is a musical , but that's just my opinion.  

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