Digital Citizenship Parent Guide

By: Jaylah Carter

Digital Literacy

i. Digital Literacy- process of teaching and learning about technology and the different uses of technology as well.

ii. Digital Literacy element is part of being a good digital citizen, because you are learning the different basics of technology, of how to use it. Such as computer terms, different websites, and researching.

iii. to make sure websites that your child uses are not scams, viruses, and other things that may harm your computer in a way.

iv - when researching and different techniques, make sure they are using reliable sources.

- teach your kids the basic computer terms, so that they already know what to expect when they are on a computer. To have an idea of how to use an computer properly and wisely

- to know and teach kids different search engines and their strengths

v. Places where parents could learn more information about technology and help their children with digital literacy >>>


Digital Access

Digital Access- Full electronic participation in society.

Digital Access is apart of being a good digital citizen because basically you have great access to technology and can be very important for jobs, schools and etc. Also a great way to help you with important things.

- To be aware of what your children are doing on the internet because they have digital access.

- To teach kids the importance of what the internet might do to your brain if you are always on it.

- To teach kids the importance of what internet access is used for and whats bad on the internet.

- To teach kids about social websites, cyberbullying, exposing and be careful on the internet.

Places where parents could learn more information on digital access



Digital Law

Digital Law- technology/electronic responsibility for actions , deeds and legal actions.

Digital Law is being apart of being a good digital citizen because it showing the rules and laws of and the importance of legal actions when using technology. It is important just as if you were following important laws and can have serious consequences for it.

- Teach children that they cannot steal work from others , and make your own.

- Teach children the importance of copyright laws, fair use and etc.

-Teach them the different consequences of what happens if they don't follow the digital laws.

- Teach the children all digital laws so they can have great knowledge on it.

Places where parents could learn more information about digital law



Digital Health and Wellness
Digital Communication

Digital Communication- The transfer of data over a point to point communication channel.

Digitial Communication is apart of being a good digitial citizen because you can have communication throughout the world. Like on phones computers, and others to send different types of data.

- Make sure that parents teach the children the importance of communication and different types.

- Teach children the different types of communications but use it carefully at all times.

- Teach children communication skills and different resources for it.

- Teach children the basics of communication, and how to use it right.

Places to Learn more information:

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce- electronic selling and buying of goods and technology.

Digital Commerce is being a good citizen because it teaches the buying of technology, websites and more. It is a great way to get more resources.

- Make sure parents teach kids the importance of buying technology

- Teach kids different resources of technology buying and how properly.

- Give kids an insight of precautions, customer reviews and marketing for technology.

- Make sure kids buy things wisely on the internet.

Places where kids could learn more information:

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