This is where my country's flag and it is  one of the poorest country's in the world.

This where my country is it is by the north west of Africa.

There government is different from the U.S.A because you can vote if you are 15 and they do not have banks  in Mauritania they only have one for the cities or they mail it to you. But first you have ask the capital there to see if you can get money.  The people that live in the Sahara desert they do not want to walk all the way there to get money because it is to far.

The people that live in Mauritian speak Arabic and French but they all have to write in Arabic.

This what they eat if they have family but if they do not have family over then they eat rice and fish.

If you want a place to visit then you can come to the  Centre Culturel Francais St Exupery.  It is really fun and it is the Capital of Mauritian.

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