You need it

hOw are yOu gOing tO breathe with nO air?

Are you going to a deserted planet? Don't you need to bring Earthly things to survive? Well, oxygen is a must have. Why? Read below.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a non-metal with qualities that are necessary for survival. It has eight protons, eight electrons, and eight neutrons. Oxygen is not conductive of heat or electricity. Oxygen is also not malleable or ductile. Common uses include putting air in your tires,  breathing in places where there is no fresh air, and breathing oin places where there is fresh air.

Where is it?

Oxygen is found in period 2, group 16. Oxygen is in the same Family as sulfur, and selenium. Oxygen is found pretty much anywhere on the Earth. After all, it is the air we breathe.

Why do you need it?

Why do you need Oxygen? TO BREATHE! If you are traveling to a deserted planet in space, do you think there is going to be any air there to breathe? If you do think that, your wrong. there is absolutely no air in space that is breathable. So, you definitely need to bring Oxygen in your backpack. If you dont, hOw are yOu gOing tO breathe with nO air?


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