Career and College
6th Period English 1
Victor Antonio Paz
University of Texas At Austin

The Pride of Texas!!


  In 1839, Texas wanted to build a school to be one of the top schools in the nation. In 1876, the Texas legislature agreed to build the school and construction began in 1882. The project only took 1 year to make. Then on Sept 15, 1883 the University of Texas at Austin was created. Austin then became a school that people wanted to go to.

    Austin became a top ten school in the nation. Everyone around the world knows about Austin. About 51,000 students attend Austin. The people that get selected for this school is the ones that are top 10 in there class. Which is very hard to do. I wish to join this amazing school because I want to be an engineer and Austin has one of the best engineering schools in the nation.


College Application

Admissions Requirments

Have graduated or will soon graduate from high school or receive a GED and 

Have not enrolled in another college or university after graduating from high school or earning a GED.

Language Arts: Four credits of English and language arts

Mathematics: Four credits at the level of Algebra I or higher (one credit must be Algebra II or a course equivalent or more advanced in content and rigor)

Science: Four credits

Social Studies: Four credits

Foreign Language: Two credits of the same language

Fine Arts: One credit

Physical Education: One credit

Electives: Six credits or more

SAT: 6882

ACT: 4240

Campus Life

NCAA Division I-A

Big Twelve Conference

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cross Country/Track

UT Austin has one of the best athletic programs in the nation. They have big sellouts every game. Mostly all the students in the campus wants to be apart of watching the games.

Career Path

  My career path is being an engineer. I love being able to fix, build, and creating new ideas. UT Austin is a well known school for everything but what stands out to me in academics is engineering. My dad was a combat engineer for the marines and I guess I got it from him that I want to be a combat engineer.

  The engineering field gets you pretty good amount of money. That's what I like about this too. I do something I like for big bucks. This would my future if I get into the program. Great house nice family an amazing car and just a good living.

Career Description

  Combat engineering is a pretty dangerous job. Which gives you $68,000 dollars a year. Which is nice if you look at other jobs in the military pay.In addition to their salaries, combat engineers receive free medical and dental care, a military clothing allowance, a good pension, travel opportunities, 30 days of leave a year, and access to excellent recreational facilities. Military personnel are also eligible to receive additional money to help pay for college, or pay off existing student loans.

  The work of combat engineers requires sustained physical effort similar to that required in the armored, infantry, and artillery divisions. They work, eat, and sleep outdoors during training exercises and in real combat situations. Most of the time, they are assigned to military bases.

  Combat engineers must meet demanding physical requirements. They need agility and balance, and must be able to perform strenuous physical activities over long periods of time since they lift and move heavy objects. Some specialties require good swimming abilities.

  The working day is quite long, with 11 or more hours a day being the norm. They consistently work more than 60 hours per week. In compensation, paid vacation in the military is generous, averaging around 30 to 35 days a year. Military travel can occupy up to 4 to 6 weeks a year.

Additional Information

  Combat situations often require rapid travel across difficult terrain and swift-flowing rivers. This is where combat engineers come in. They are the military personnel who support the fighting forces by performing field construction, often under extremely hazardous conditions. It is a role that demands a combination of strategic thinking and mechanical ability.

  Combat engineers are trained to use a wide variety of construction machines, such as bulldozers, loaders, graders, dump trucks, and tractor-trailers. They use this equipment to quickly and efficiently build roads, shelters, bunkers, and gun emplacements. They also erect floating or prefabricated bridges; lay and clear mine fields; load, unload, and move supplies and equipment; and construct airfields.

Letter of Intent

Victor Antonio Paz

12656 Tierra Gema

El Paso, Texas, 79938



EMC Engineers

El Paso, Texas

To whom this may concern,

  I am a well organize, responsible young man looking for work. I chose your company to work as because I want to be a mechanical engineer. I have been taking engineering courses in school so I am well certified to be working for you. Ever since I was little I loved to fix things and find out how to fix them.

  The reason that I can be a good worker is because I have played sports. Sports helped me pay attention to my surroundings and be a good listener. Ever since I have played, I respected all coaches and been very dedicated. Being in a team leads to teamwork and I have always gotten along with everyone.

  I help out people with anything they need. I have excelled in my engineering class and learned very quickly. I am willing to learn new things and maybe not get them at first but always keep trying till I get what I am doing and understand it. I think I have the qualities and the self-motivation to work with a company like yours. I welcome the chance to meet you in person to talk. I thank you in advance for your consideration.


Victor Antonio Paz


Career Objectives

My career objective is to be a hard working individual and help my team members or my employer with anything.

Education History

Sept. 2014 - May 2015

El dorado High school, 9th
el paso, Texas

I have been getting the best grades for any coarse. I have now a GPA of 3.8 and still doing really good. I have been striving to do more for myself and others. I get all my work on time and even earlier. You can say i have my days as a teachers pet.

Awards & Certificates

Top Ten percent, A honor roll

Extracurricular Activities

Football, Basketball

Hobbies & Interests


Skills & Abilities

Able to multitask
Windows Operating System

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