Potential and Kinetic Energy

By: Micah Lambert

Potential- Energy that is being "stored" and waiting to be released. So a rock at the edge of a cliff had potential energy.

Kinetic- Energy that an object has by reason of its motion. So a basketball passing through a net has kinetic energy.


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Other forms of Energy:

  • Chemical- Potential energy stored in matter
  • Heat- Kinetic Energy created by molecules moving
  • Electrical-Result of electrons moving through matter
  • Sound- Energy produced by vibrations
  • Mechanical- Energy Produced by machines. Comes from the moving parts
  • Electromagnetic- energy including radio, microwaves, light, and x-rays. The sun produces a lot of this energy
  • Nuclear- Energy comes from splitting the nucleus of an atom

More Vocab:

Energy- The ability to do work

Expansion- When something is heated and increases in size.

Contraction- The opposite but for cold and contracting.

Energy Transformation- Transformation of energy from one form to another

Law of Conservation of Energy- Energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time.

Energy Transfer

  • Energy moved by a process is called a energy transfer.
  • Transferred in 3 ways, Radiation, Conduction, and Convection
  • Radiation is a unique form of heat transfer. The heat is transferred through space in waves.
  • Conduction is a heat transfer from one object to another by direct contact. Microwaves
  • Things the transfer heat are called conductors. Liquids are very good conductors.
  • Things that don’t transfer heat are called insulators.
  • Convention is the transfer of energy by the movement of liquid or gas currents. Heated fluid rises while cold moves down to take its place. While that is heating the hot becomes cold and the cold becomes hot and the process repeats.

When in doubt, ask Bill Nye

Newton's Cradle Demonstrates Energy

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