Babylon and Mesopotamia

Advantages of Living in Babylon

                 The Neo-Babylonian time was a great time to live. They lived close to Sumer the very first civilization, too. Sumerians are very nice you should go visit. The old famous King Hammurabi lived here, one of the best Kings the world has seen! They created the very first sundial and they created the 60 minute hour, and 60 second minute. If your worried about safety King Nebuchadnezzar ll kept his village very safe. He created walls so thick that two chariots could ride side by side on top of them! He also built a moat and whenever someone wanted to leave he put the bridge down. He had archers on towers, this kept them very safe. They also built one of the 7 wonders of the world known as the Hanging gardens. There are many beautiful sights in Mesopotamia, one of the prettiest places in the world. We are also a very powerful city-state, and have a great civilization. Our empire has managed to rule all over the Mesopotamia area. You could go on vacation to Ur and visit the Ziggurat, too.

The Beautiful Sights In Mesopotamia

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