Feudal Japan


feudalism is basically the social structure of the people based upon their jobs. Japanese


feudalism was created after and because of the fall of  the aristocratic rule. made to correct the weak central government


Bonsai/Zen gardens-  these are designed to help people think quietly. this also highlights the natural beauty of flowers/gardens.

Haiku- japan developed poetry with 3 lines of 5,7,5

Noh- retelling of stories and folktales

Kabuki- musical about common class people

calligraphy- a way to express bruty


in feudal Japan, the emperor was the honorary leader of japan and then  the shogun was the  leader and therefore at the top of the social structure, then came the diamyos (like the barons of Feudal Japan), and they were the leaders of their community. then came the samurai which were that high because they were the warriors of Japan. then came the peasants like the farmers because they believed that the people that grew the food should be higher than the people that sell the food. then came the artisans, near the bottom because all they did was make art. then came the merchants were at the bottom because all they did was sell the food made by the farmers. they were still at the bottom but many became very rich.

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