Alex Gobran

Seagate was started in 1979 it was first named Shugart technology by Alan Shugart, Tom Mitchell, Doug Mahon, Finis Conner, and Syed Lftikar. It was later renamed Seagate. The headquarters are in California. Sales are around 14.93 billion dollars. World wide they employ 57,900 people. There are 2 locations in Minnesota. There is a hard drive development facility in Shakopee and a head development facility in Bloomington. Seagate makes hard drives for computers. their manufacturing is mainly in south east Asia. Sea gate developed the first 5.25 inches hard drive. They bought Maxtor in 2006 and Samsung HDD in 2011. Seagate announced that it was the first disk manufacturer to have cumulatively shipped two billion HDDs. November 1991 - Seagate introduced the Barracuda HDDs, the industry's first hard disk with a 7200 RPM spindle speed. They employ many people in MN and pay taxes. They generally target computer company's.

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