Brighton beach memoirs
by ;Devon Jairam

the great depression

it was when there was a crash in economic system in the USA. It affected everyone young, old, rich, poor, everyone. It happened in 1929. this was very bad for this country.This put this country back years. 

colleges in the 1930's

the tuition in this time was a low of $25. This is very low compared to now. It is also $5 for every additional class.Books where also a lot cheaper coming in at $3 or less.Some major different is that a diploma was worth a lot more and could get you a lot more job opportunity,then u can now a days.The mascot is a hedge hog.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim

I am very sorry that I disrespected you at work and I will do anything to make it up for it but I am sorry .the reason I did it was because I felt like you where being kind of I tried to stand up for my principles but I guess that was the wrong call huh.

The reason you should accept me back is because is I will work harder than ever .I will be way more respectful unless it goes against what is right. I will except any punishment .I will work my butt off for Your Company. I am Sorry.

I need this job because i have a big family and i am one of the main providers. My family is every thing to me so i need to provide for them.I my dad has recently had a heart attack and is in recovery .So at the moment he cant work so yeah



Broadway show

Broadway lion king

this show is  easy to understand is a lot of fun for the family.If u have kids they will the the crap out of this.When i saw it i like it because there is so much going on that u can help but sit there in awww.

the review :

are happy,fun, an attention grabber

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