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This tackk board will describe how mobile apps can be used with K-12 students within the subject of math. The following applications will be described followed by an example of how to use the application and the grades the application can be used in the subject math.

1) Slate Math App

Description: Slate Math has a variety of activities to increase a kindergarten or grade 1 students math skills. The application has 38 activities to prepare and develop knowledge of a student for kindergarten or grade 1 math. SlateMath contains the activities to apply digit writing, counting, addition, order relation, patterns, parity and problem solving.

Application Example: This application can be used in class to practice a particular lesson. Slate Math could also be taken home to either work ahead or go back and go over lessons.

Grade: K-1

2)Slice Fractions

Description: The focus of this application is to demonstrate creative ways to use fractions. The students need to clear a path for the mammoth by solving 60 puzzles with many different fraction concepts. Some of the fraction concepts include part-whole partitioning and fraction ordering.

Application Example: This application could be used in class or out of class for review or practice of fractions.

Grade: 1-4

3) Math Evolve

Description: This application allows the students to play a video game while practicing math. The goal is the more questions the students answer the more points, power and lives they receive for their spaceship, animal and water creatures. Math evolve allows students to practice math facts, number sense, and mental math skills

Application example: For students to use outside of the classroom. This application could be used like EDU 210 application of challenge where students get points when they complete a level and redeem the points in class.

Grade: 2-5

4) My Math Flash Cards

Description: My Math Flash Cards is an application to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This application allows students the repetition of random math questions to increase their confidence and ability. The application can be customized for each student depending upon their needs.

Application Example: Have students use this application for around 10 minutes a night for repetition of math questions.

Grade: 1-6

5) Khan Academy

Description: Free application which contains over 4,200 videos and articles. Covers many subjects but in particular for this tackk board K-12 math. This application when logged in tracks your progress and gives you credit for each video. Videos on this application can be downloaded and watch offline which is a great feature as you do not always have to have internet. A great feature of the app is that the students can search the videos through subtitles to find the part in the video they want to watch.

Application Example: To do at home the student's need to watch a particular video given out by the teacher that will be discussed in the next class followed by a project.

Grade: Any grade with special restrictions for students under age 13.

6)TED app

Description: 1,700 videos with ones being added every week and you can watch them both online and offline. The TED talks are offered in 90 languages and the ability to create your own playlist. The TED talks are on many different subjects including math, education and medicine to name a few.

Application Example: Use the videos for a practical application of the math content or expand on the lesson.

Grade: 12 years and older

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