by: Caitlyn Bonomo

Do you know what mythology is?

Mythology are stories to give values to people, places, and things. Myths are type of traditional or certain people or cultures. The cultures are Indian, Egyptian, Greeks, and Romans. Religious belief and rites are connected to mythology. The basic things are simple speech, wine, oil, grain, fire, honey, agriculture, metal work, and much more.


Aphrodite was the goddess of love, beauty, and fertlity.  The poet Heisod that Aphrodite was born from sea foam, on the other-hand though, Homer, said that Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Her symbol is the dove. Flowers and vegitation motifs her connection to fertility.

Winged Unicorn

A type of mythical creature is a winged unicorn. A winged unicorn has the wings of a pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. Another name for a winged unicorn is an alicorn. An alicorn is a historical word for horn of a unicorn. Winged unicorns appear tons of times in art. Another apperance where winged unicorns appear is in My Little Pony. THe winged unicorns names in My Little Pony is Celista and Luna.

Greek Myth

Hercules is Greek myth. Hercules is Zues's son and is a god. Hera was jealous so he sent two serpents to kill Hercules in his crib, but Hercules strangled the two serpents each in one hand. Hercules had super-human strength! Hercules was supposed to be king but his mother picked his brother instead. But the only way to become king he has to labors (tasks). Labor #1 was to challenge to kill the Neninandion. He took a bit of time, but Hercules did it. He wore the fur as a cloak and the teeth as a helment. He killed the Hydra!  Labor #3 was to capture the carnatin hind. This beast looked like a buck but had golden horns. He captured and killed by pointing the in the middle of his neck and tail. Labor #4 Hercules was challenged to brink back a dead boar to make it alive again. It took a bit of time but he did it. Labor #5 was to to clean out the stables of King Auneas in a day without getting dirty. Hercules did without getting dirty and did in half a day. There are more labors but  you have to find those out own by going to this website: www.mythweb.com

Modern Day Connection

The modern day connection is the Percy Jackson Series. There are mythical creatures and beasts are in those books. In the book The Lightning Thief, Percy realizes that he's the son Posedin - the god of sea.

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