Guitar Lessons in Edmonton for Beginners

The Guitar Instructor named Billy Boissonneault has been playing various musical instruments since he was only 7 years old. His first three were the guitar, bass, and mandolin. As many of the young musicians, Billy also had his first on-stage experience in school plays and various school performances. When he was 13 years old, Billy established his first band called Café Chantant, where he was the leading singer and guitar player. At his early age, he also won a plaque for his participation in many events from his high school as a musical director.

25 years ago, after winning the Canadian Country Open Singing Contest as the best teenage singer, he got the opportunity to work with some of the greatest musicians of that time and even the chance to record a couple of tunes with expert producers.

Billy has been living in Edmonton since 2000, has already traveled all around Europe and giving performances in various musical events, like Merritt Mountain Music Festival, The Scott Tournament of Hearts, and has even appeared on Television several times. Today Billy Boissonneault is teaching music in Edmonton, and also working alongside with different Canadian artists as a freelance music producer.

About The Guitar Lessons

Billy, as an advanced musician and experienced guitar player, offers beginner, intermediate and advanced electric and acoustic guitar lessons, specifically in blues, rock and country music. Billy has his own studio where he carries private lessons, but he also offers lessons at home, if a student isn’t able to get to his studio.

Like in other schools and studios, the first introductory lesson with a new student will allow the teacher to evaluate him in order to understand, on what level does the student play, what are his tactics and what more does he need to know about playing guitar.

Individual home works and practices are also an important part of the studies, that’s why every student will firstly learn every detail about the practice and only then do it on his own. That will guarantee every practice to be a successful one, even when at home.

The guitar lessons Edmonton for beginners include such topics, like understanding the fretboard, learning about the parts of the guitar and how can they be used in making music more interesting, about music theory basics, chord forms, different rhythms, playing methods, and everything else about being a good guitar player.

The course for intermediate students includes methods for advanced rhythms, improvisation, more complicated playing techniques, guitar equipment, and various left-hand methods for sliding, bending and playing in vibrato.

The advanced course for experienced guitar players offers new and contemporary techniques and approaches in creating music, developing improvisation skills and advancing composing abilities. There are several different niches which the advanced students can choose from, like ear training lessons, modes, harmonic analysis, composition, vocal leading, phrasing of the melody and solo transcription. Guitar Instructor offers guitar lessons in his personal studio, in your own home, group lessons and also Skype guitar lessons for beginners.


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